The Retsina Trail is one of many cobbled stone (calderimi) trails. They were the original highways of the island before the bulldozer came along to make roads for cars. Many calderimia were destroyed but luckily portions still exist but fell into disuse as the islanders preferred to reach their land by vehicle rather than on foot or mule (and who can blame them!)  For the last 20 odd years, I’ve been rediscovering these trails, clearing, marking and mapping them so that hikers can enjoy them. They are well made; works of art in my opinion. Also, they often pass through shady areas and are of course away from traffic and dust – perfect for hikers.


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This is an actual GPS taken of the trail. In the Skopelos Trails guide book, I leave from Skopelos town by using the Aloupi track. However,  this has been abused to such an extent, I’m wondering weather to direct you up a more pleasant route.It’s such a shame what has happened to the Aloupi track … Continue reading GPS


This is what to look out for in order to start your hike across the island. It’s situated on The Ring Road, close to the Kastro car park. It will take you up the Abuzali calderimi where you then turn left. Full directions in the Skopelos Trails guide book.

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